a bit ABOUT US

My girlfriend and I always dreamed of owning a food truck. We were determined to make this dream come true 

We started by researching the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho area for potential opportunities – that’s when we realized that there wasn’t any food trucks that specialize in “Wings” 

In 2019, we decide to take a daring leap and launch our very own food truck business. We called it “Wing it up” and with the help of our loyal customers. We`ve been able to create delicious meals that inspire people’s taste buds and began to serve delicious wings.

With the food truck being such a great success, we took this same approach and dedication, and we were able to open our first restaurant, location 317 Gold S.W. in the heart of downtown Albuquerque.

Our restaurant quickly grew in popularity and it was so fulfilling to watch our dreams become a reality. Now, years later, our success is proof of what you can achieve when you set your heart on just one idea.

Our journey began with little more than faith in our dream, but as the months progressed, we added more flavors and explored new cuisines.

With ‘Wing It Up”, we aim to make every meal an experience worth remembering along with our motto

"Wings You Will Crave "

Take a moment and view our journey with us ! ! ! It has been an exciting adventure ! ! !
thank you for your continued support!!!